Dega Catering is a full service concert tour catering business that has been on the road for 25 years.  From our inception, we have tailored our offerings to the Artist and Tour requirements. We can handle any size tour with any range of budget. Clubs, Theatres, Arenas, Stadiums, Parking Lots… we’ve done them all.


Homemade food is one of the few comforts of home that you can enjoy on the road. The sounds, smells, and flavors of memorable meals made by a staff with a love for food & great cooking. DEGA’s chefs and crews connect with your tour, and make sure your people get what they want when they want it. We add value to your food dollars and quality to the days you spend away from home. You help us build menus based on what you love to eat. We dish it up home-style, without waste or shrink. It’s better than restaurants, and hear me when I say nobody’s going to be late for dinner. Come loadout, you’ll agree that DEGA is the ideal balance of what you pay versus what you get. For food this good, you simply will not beat the price. And your return on investment is a happy, healthy, supremely satisfied bunch of colleagues … who will thank you. (Right after they send compliments to the chef.)


We can go as big or little as you need us to. But start out thinking about three hot and homemade meals every day – A private and comfortable refuge and dining area tended and available all day long, away from the buses and trucks – Drinks hot and cold, from the espresso bar to water, teas and juices – Dressing room service, however you like it … – Stage and bus service; great snacks, meals and drinks for when you’re sitting still and for when you’re not – Deluxe driver takeaways, for the guys who get you there and back in one piece- Direct advancing from DEGA HQ to promoters and local resources so no one’s counting quarters on the tailgate late at night. – Think clean, green and efficient kitchen systems that stretch your budget and make tasty, good nutrition more affordable than you may have imagined. – Think flexible: DEGA supports tours ranging from your two-guitar troubadours, everybody on one bus, to full orchestras. If you eat, we’ll figure out a way to feed you that even your accountant will love.


If you’re traveling 10 or less, or if some lucky folks call for special attention, DEGA offers personal chef service. From dietary health concerns to a Jones for specific or exotic cuisines, our pros make everybody happy. These assignments are screened beforehand by all parties to ensure the perfect combination of skills and personalities. It’s not about being elite or ostentatious. It’s about good nutrition, that’s delicious and affordable and comes together on a performer’s unique and demanding schedule.


The DEGA kitchen appears every morning and disappears after dinner dessert. Our gear is state of the art, made for hard life on the road, and we take good care of it. But you’ll never notice it. About the only thing you’ll notice is that you just never seem to be hungry anymore.  We can travel in your truck with your gear.  We can use our clean, modern kitchen trailer.  We have even cooked out of a small trailer pulled behind a bus for more compact tours.  We can make this work, and you will eat better than you ever have on the road.  Believe it.  You tell us your size and specifications, and we will do the rest.


DEGA has been doing this for 20 years.  If you ask anyone who has worked with us, you will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think we are the best in our field.

Our crews and chefs are familiar with America’s performing arts venues coast to coast, and we have a network of resources for up-to-date local information and assistance anywhere you want to be. They know just what to buy and what not to buy with limited means. Our chefs spend your money like it was their mom’s… All you need to do is make sure no one steals that last stuffed mushroom off your plate while you’re not looking.


Our presentation style emphasizes warmth, color, creativity and function.  No white table linens and steam tables here, we add color and personality to your dining room.  Our setup is unparalleled in the business.  In fact, when people walk into a room, they say, “I can always tell when DEGA is here.”  Our food is beautiful, and our service is outstanding.  We listen and respond to requests, and we make ourselves a part of your tour.  We care enough to serve the best food, but also the food that you want.

“The Most Important Case on the Road” is the DEGA coffee case.  It will be your first stop in the morning, every day.  Organic, Fair Trade, freshly brewed… Coffee and Espresso, it’s all ready at the coffee case.  One hundred different kinds of tea, vitamins, emergen-c, everything you need will be in that case.  Trust me, not a day will go by without you visiting it.

In fact, it becomes the tours water cooler, where deals are made and stories are told.


We do all of our own advancing which can work in tandem with production advancing and lighten the phone time of the tour.  We advance our own local support staff, tables, chairs, power… everything that is needed to get us cooking.  That way questions about ice, sinks, and cargo vans can be deflected away from you, and save you the tour time, energy, and potential frustration.  When we walk in the building, we have our own answers.  The advancing is done through our main office in Knoxville, TN.

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